Big Ball rally is a group of car enthusiast that have a background not only in the car trade but also in the car club group scene. We regularly attend many car shows from one off events to yearly events whether they are 1 day shows or weekends, we have been on some of the biggest road trips over many countries and have tried to take the best of our experiences to tailor the best possible trips for you guys. This really is our passion and we thrive on feedback whether its good or bad so we can continue to grow and provide bigger and better experiences year after year. Every person working on these rallies share our passion from the person booking the hotels making sure your cars are tucked up as safely as possible for the night, the photographers taking your pictures making sure you and your cars are caught in the best light all the way to the organisers of the start lines which will be putting you in some of the best places to add to the thrill of the experience.


Our aim is to have the safest possible trip with a group of like minded people that share our love of cars, roads and parties. We want everyone on the trips to be having the best time possible and to be buzzing with adrenaline from the moment they get up until there heads finally hit the hotel pillows, we hope that everyone returning from their trips will be either rebooking for the next trip or recommending us to their friends.


12th - 18th July 2020


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You should be expecting to have quite possibly the best time of your life, you should be able to just sit back and enjoy the trip as everything should be arranged for you to be able to pull up at the hotels each evening for a smooth check in after driving through some of the most exciting roads through Europe, every time you pull in to a garage to refuel and another BigBall car pulls in behind you the crowds will start to gather around. People will be taking pictures of your car while you are driving on the roads, people will be stopping and looking with the same level of excitement as you pass them coming into the cities, the sound of the cars coming through the tunnels will make your ears have an orgasm. Then after checking in to the hotel its time to freshen up and get some smart cloths on as we start the second part, the parties, the parties will be held at the biggest clubs in town and you will be able to walk up and in to the club using only your wrist band and feel like a VIP. Inside the clubs is where you get to unwind, let your hair down and go wild with all your new friends.

We have many new and exciting ideas for the future events but we also welcome any suggestions you may have for us to consider and gauge interest.