European Rally 2019

Our 2019 European Rally started at Mote Park, Kent with a car show put on by BigBall Rally with hundreds of people attending to watch the official startline. We then headed off to Dover to catch the ferry where we held a more detailed briefing in the club lounge away from the bustle of the busy show, on arriving in Calais we headed straight for Amsterdam for our first stop over and evening venue. Day 2 we headed south out of the Netherlands and into Germany to the world famous Nurburgring where everybody attended a driver briefing before setting off to do 2 laps of the circuit, after this we headed to Frankfurt for our second stop over and evening venue. Day 3 hit the German Autobahn to crunch through some miles to get deep into Europe arriving in Munich with enough time for some shopping in this remarkable city and on to our evening venue and nights stop over. Day 4 did not disappoint as we headed into the winding mountain roads for mile after mile until arriving at The Stelvio Pass (named by many as the best driving road in the world). On descending from the mountains we hit tunnel after tunnel on the drive into Milan for our evening entertainment and stop over. Day 5 was a short, few hour trip along the coastal road with approximately 200 tunnels into Monaco where we arrived at the Fairmont Hotel situated on the iconic F1 hairpin bend with the cars displayed out the front. We then had the afternoon to enjoy the rooftop pool before heading into the super yacht harbour for our evening venue. Day 6 started with breakfast at the Fairmont Hotel on the rooftop terrace overlooking the ocean, before beginning the drive north up through France for our final evening event and stay in Lyon.